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Lagu Kaamatan, This is Kaamatan. Is It Kaamatan?

Aku nak share dengan korang satu lagu berkenaan Hari Kaamatan / Pesta Menuai. Walaupun lagu ini dalam bahasa inggeris, ianya memang lagu yang best. Terimalah, THIS IS KAAMATAN, by Kay Kastum.

Lirik :

This is Kaamatan, everyone is welcomed
No matter where you are from, we say no problem
This is Kaamatan, everyone is welcomed
And if you try the tapai, you'll say aramai...tih!

Every year in the month of May
Sabah is the place to stay
Kadazandusun harvest festival
Spirit of 'bambarayon' the source of it all

From those days even until now
We will have the Sumazau
A dance as beautiful as an ancient song
To the beat of the instruments that we called gong

'Unduk Ngadau' crowns the beauty queen
To honor 'Huminodun' sacrificed in her teens
her beauty, grace, strength and bravery
Represents the people who plants the 'padi'


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